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Father Hudson's Care

Tabor House project

We are delighted to be supporting Father Hudson’s Care, Tabor House project as our “Charity of the Year”.

Tabor House


Tabor House is the only permanent night shelter for homeless people living in Birmingham. Tabor House has adopted a holistic approach to fighting homelessness whereby individuals are not just fed and sheltered, but are empowered to leave homelessness behind.

How does Tabor House work?


Tabor House has a number of beds at their Digbeth shelter. These beds are occupied by homeless individuals on 28 day cycles. As well as being sheltered, these individuals are assigned a mentor who will work with them over a period of three months to understand their needs and then deliver a bespoke package of care. A mentor might provide emotional support, access to services or employment advice.

This holistic model of care treats each guest at Tabor House as an individual who has a specific set of needs. It is designed to enable people to leave homelessness behind for good.


Why Tabor House?


Homelessness is a growing and very visible problem that is having a damaging impact on the most vulnerable members of our community. We were drawn to Tabor House because they do not only provide a hearty meal and a warm bed, but actively seek to understand and then equip the homeless to achieve tangible change.


How will BTSS support Tabor House?

Over the coming year we will be arranging various fundraising events. We will also be seeking opportunities for BTSS members to volunteer at Tabor House. Our vision is to make our partnership with Tabor House as ‘hands on’ as possible.


What’s next?

We will provide updates on the development of our partnership with Tabor House as well as information about how members can get involved. Watch this space!



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